Monday, March 29, 2010

Frenchy Dan's Trip Log

We are VERY fortunate to have our French Canadian friend Dan along for most of the trip. In fact he's only going to be off the boat for the section from Puerto Vallerta, Mexico to Panama City so that he can finish up his part of the Boeing 747-800 flight testing. But, I digress.

Dan has put together a trip log using his SPOT satellite messenger device. The previous post give a link for the real-time tracking of our progress. At the end of each segment, Dan can then save the log, along with his hilarious commentary of the trip (where I am featured as a princess!). Here's a link to that log (which includes some really cool stats of the trip):

And a preview of our trip log so far...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Bread Crumb Trail

For those of you interested in tracking our progress, you can do so thanks to Dan's SPOT satellite messenger.

You can view our bread crumb trail in real time giving the most recent data points every 10-20 minutes (so long as we remember to turn it on):

A Hearty Welcome to Sophia

Sophia is our Hans Christian 38 cutter entrusted with the task of carrying us to Norway from the Pacific Coast of Mexico. As Phil remarked, "She is a woman of substance," as we know all the good ones are. Sophia is wisdom. She is mother of all gods. She is a vessel with most precious cargo.

This blog will chronicle our adventure down the coast of Central America, across the Caribbean, across the Atlantic, and finally across the North Sea to safe harbor in Oslo.

And the adventure has already begun! Phil, Andreas, and Dan sailed Sophia from La Paz, Mexico (east coast of the Baja Penisula) to Mazatlan, then Puerto Vallerta, and now to Manzanillo (where a very special surprise awaits -- shhhhh!). Dan has returned to Seattle for the moment to finish up his work and will rejoin Sophia in Panama (as will Karl's Uncle Jeff). Karl and I (Rachel) will join Sophia and her intrepid crew, Phil and Andreas, in Zihuatanejo on April 7th.

Adventure abounds! As our friend Brad is wont to say, "Adventure is our bread, excitement is our butter, and from the wavering edge of risk the sweet honey of life drips, drips, drips."

There will be many stories to tell. I hear the whispers now of an adventure story about to unfold...