Monday, January 21, 2013

Sophia's in the Pacific Again!

Sophia completed the southbound trip through the canal on Jan. 17-18th. Daniel and Melanie arrived early and met up with Sophia and crew when they arrived in Panama City. We had limited communication from the Sophianauts as their internet connection was spotty. However, we learned that all necessary projects were completed in Shelter Bay prior to their canal transit and they were provisioned for their passage to Golfito, Costa Rica. Also the news that the SPOT was not working when they transited the canal. We received an outgoing email message this afternoon (12:12pm PST) that they were on their way to Costa Rica. It seems the SPOT is still not working. Drats! They expect to arrive in Golfito by Jan. 27th (and likely before). More news when we have it (they still have a sat phone). -Rachel (land-based crew)