Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Casting Off the Dock Lines

Lief, Hanne, Karl, and Rachel
I considered writing that we are leaving Oslo today, but the sailor in me knows those are dangerous words to utter when projects are still underway this morning. So, to be on the cautious side, we are scheduled to leave Oslo this afternoon. Ten months to day from our arrival.

Sophia is mostly ready to go, at least enough for the first segment from Oslo to Kristiansand (on the southern tip of Norway). Karl and I, however, are not. We are saddened to leave the wonderful friends who have welcomed us so generously into their lives. Tusen takk for alle! Vi sees snart, vi hoper.

Rachel, Karl, Inger, and Jan Ivar
Hilde and Karl

Petter (Eystein, Alma, and Oscar in background)

Eystein and Alma (I see a sailor in the making)