Friday, February 3, 2012

Off to the ABCs!

Sophia is off on her next adventure! On Tuesday (Jan. 30) she left St. Lucia with Phil, Jeffrey, and Bernie (the newest Sophianaut) en route for Bonaire.

Jeffrey, Phil, and Bernie
Ready to head from St. Lucia to Panama

The time in St. Lucia was rejuvenating for the crew -- settled sleep, showers, mornings at the cafe, afternoons at the beach, ziplining through the trees, and rum tastings. Ah, the life!  This time also allowed for mending of the main sail, welding of the windvane, and a few other repairs after a lumpy Atlantic crossing. She was shipshape in no time thanks to a diligent and knowledgeable crew.

Joan and Christine have both headed for home, leaving the guys to take Sophia to Panama. They will certainly be missing Christine's amazing cooking!

As of this writing (Friday, Feb. 3), they have just arrived in Bonaire. They plan to make a few other stops along the way, possibly in Aruba, Santa Marta, San Blas Islands, and finally Colon, Panama. You can watch their progress via the "Current Sailing Track" link on the left.

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